EndoParagon Inc. is a Canadian biotech company which was founded in 2014. The headquarters are located in St-Basile-le-Grand near Montréal, Québec.

About The Name

The name EndoParagon derives from two Greek root words, endo and paragon. Endo means internal. Paragon means excellence. The prefix para- is also in the word parasite. The suffix gon is a homonym of the English word gone.

Putting this all together, the name aligns with the Vision and Mission to introduce novel diagnostics which will identify patients with internal parasitic infections and optimise treatment regimens for cure. This will be accomplished through excellence in research and development.

About The Logo

The undulating pink line symbolises a parasite. The foot of the P which encodes the scientific symbol for biochemical inhibition ( ⏊ ).

Corporate Memberships